This date needs no further introduction.  It is the official release date of my new novel, PIG FARM.


“Parnell’s stories reflect an organic sense of the people, land, water, culture and history of the distinctive Ozarks region.”

Dr. John E. Moore, Jr.

Retired President, Drury University

“Todd Parnell has more interest in pork than a politician. PIG FARM is his fictional foray into his ancestral home, Arkansas’s Buffalo River. … His writing combines humor with history and adventure with mystery, seasoned with tall tale hilarity and a dash of depravity.”

Fred Pfister

Founder, Ozarks Mountaineer Magazine

“A paradise found, in just a few generations, can all too easily become a paradise lost.  PIG FARM loudly sounds the alarm.”
John Dillon

Founding Member, Ozark Mountain Daredevils

“This leaves the reader to consider just what all those pigs forebode for the country’s first National River and our clear running Ozarks waters.  A light-hearted nevertheless thought provoking read.”
Susan Croce Kelly

Managing Editor, Ozarks Watch Magazine, Author, ROUTE 66, the Highway and its People, and FATHER OF ROUTE 66, the Story of Cy Avery

“Few people are more passionate about the Ozarks—both the physical region and the Ozarks on the page—than Todd Parnell. His deep roots in the region, his devotion to the Buffalo River, and his appreciation for the late master Donald Harington show through on each page of Pig Farm. Add Welcome, Arkansas, to the fictional places I’d love to visit. It’s a bold book.”
—Dr. Brooks Blevins, Author of Ghost of the Ozarks, Hill Folks, and A History of the Ozarks, Vol. I; Professor of Ozarks Studies, Missouri State University
Dr. Brooks Blevins

Author of Ghost of the Ozarks, Hill Folks, and A History of the Ozarks, Vol. I, Professor of Ozarks Studies, Missouri State University

Over the past several years I’ve written silly stuff, I’ve written factual stuff, I’ve written family stuff, but I don’t think I’ve written about anything I’m more serious about than this.  It’s my history, it’s my hope, it’s our heirs’ future.

And, I’m going to talk about it in a formal presentation, with magnificent photographs, to environmental groups, to university students, to senior activists, all with the express intent of stirring emotion and fomenting action.  Never before has our country been more in need of leadership on all environmental fronts, from water to air to climate change, and all points between.

I hope you will read PIG FARM, enjoy it, and act on it.  I hope you will come out and visit with me when I’m in your community.  I hope you will stand with so many who are fighting against the rollback of fifty years of progress in protecting and preserving our environment, and reclaim an agenda more focused on our children and grandchildren than short term profits.


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