A teaser.  A heads up. A precursor of things to come.

Like the first day of Autumn.  No matter how hot or pleasant, rainy or cold, humid or dry, it says winter is on the horizon.

I have a new novel on the horizon too.  Pig Farm.  It is a fictional account of how a pig farm might have evolved over time to become the travesty that is the 6,500 hog CAFO on the Buffalo National River.

It is due for release October, 1, 2018.

It is my response to the question posed in my last rant.  “What can I do?  As a child of the 60’s I’ve got to do something.”

I asked my friend John Dillon, whom you may know from the Ozark Mountain Daredevils, to write a “blurb” for the book.  He kindly agreed, and did more.  I want to share his whole piece with you to “tease” your interest in a book that I hope entertains, calls attention to a potential environment disaster, and rouses active opposition to those who would despoil our precious natural places.

And in case you are wondering, the provocative and troubling illustrations by artist Amber Hansen included herein, are but a sampling.  More on Amber in subsequent blogs.

Thanks John, you say it all.


Nothing succeeds at the teaching of history like a creative writer’s use of allegory.  This is especially true when coupled with a deep understanding of the driving force of human nature imagined through the lens of fictional narrative.  Armed with good research most anyone can present a historical timeline.  But only a skilled writer can offer up that history in a context that simultaneously entertains and alarms.  Todd Parnell is such a writer.

Pig Farm is a fascinating read.

 It’s full of historical facts and biographical insights. Though the theme is serious, and all too real, the narrative is at times rude, irreverent, hilarious, and thought provoking on the deepest levels.  Through the vision of Parnell, what could have been an ordinary parable of people and place under corporate siege becomes a call-to-action.  The intent is to galvanize all who read his story in the fight for what is surely the greatest challenge to our species: saving our planet by protecting our natural environment.

Left alone, the natural world will always strive for balance.  But as Parnell so dramatically points out, only the human species, with all its ill-conceived notions of dominion and destiny, can disrupt nature’s mystical and pristine state of reality.  A paradise found, in just a few generations, can all too easily become a paradise lost.  Pig Farm loudly sounds the alarm.” 

John Dillon

Founding Member, Ozark Mountain Daredevils

PIG FARM  By Todd Parnell

Foreword by John E. Moore, Jr.

Illustrated by Amber Hansen

(Due for release October 1, 2018)

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