OK, I’m officially inspired. To do something beyond writing. Beyond my books, my blogs, my bitching, my moaning. So I went back to my original blog from last July 8. “I hope it (the blog) stirs some emotion, some passion, some reaction, some action.” My reference points then were CAFOs on the Buffalo National River and other Ozarkian waters. They’ve expanded as I watched with horror the wrong-headed attempts to roll back a half century of state, regional, and national progress in acknowledging, protecting and preserving our environment. And it’s only going to get worse unless we do something.

Only about a hundred of you patient souls have followed my “River Rant” the past nine months. But the list keeps growing, and no one has opted out. So it’s time to look around a bend beyond.

Todd Parnell Environmental SpeakerI will be debuting a new forty minute presentation, Life is a River – A Bend Beyond, at the Library Center, 4653 S. Campbell, on Tuesday evening, April 23, at 7pm.

As you might have gathered from my last two posts about the waters of New Zealand, I returned from my first visit there inspired by both the plentiful and magnificent waters that abound, and most New Zealanders’ fervent commitment to protecting and preserving them. Such has moved me to get off my tush and finalize an environmentally themed presentation I have been fiddling with for months.

It is the debut of a message I hope to take beyond Springfield and the Ozarks, a message of alarm as well as hope, about the places we love and the threats and opportunities that surround them. I will spend the next year or so assessing whether the message resonates and provokes action. I am particularly interested in visiting with university students, young professionals, and government and environmental organizations.

What began as a book discussion and signing for my anti-Buffalo River CAFO novel, Pig Farm, has become more, and I am grateful to the Library Center for hosting. The books will still be available but the topic of discussion will be broadened, buttressed with stunning photographs from professionals who have allowed me to include them, and a challenge for all of us to become more engaged in protecting and preserving our waters and environment.

I hope you will come out and join me at 7PM, Tuesday, April 23rd, at the Library Center on south Campbell. Bring a friend. And if you find value in the presentation, please refer me to organizations and groups who might share our common interest. I will also welcome any input you can provide.

Life is a River, A Bend Beyond. I’m probably a little old for this, but what the heck. I still care.


Todd Parnell Keynote Speaker and Environmental AdvocateGet Inspired!

Attend Todd’s debut presentation of Life Is A River – A Bend Beyond, Tuesday, April 23, 2019 at 7 p.m. at The Library Center, 4653 S. Campbell Avenue, in Springfield, Missouri.


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