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I Am Not A Leader

by Todd Parnell

This post is up close and personal. As in my wife Betty. “I am not a leader.” Period. Case closed. How many times have you heard someone say that? Do they really believe it? Why do some of us slap an aura of awe, a mantel of power, a cloak of invincibility on this mysterious […]

A Quiet Leader

by Todd Parnell

I’m going to tell you a story about a quiet leader from a previous generation, to whom I am personally and greatly indebted to for one of the great experiences of my life. Dr. Neal Compton was an obstetrician, not a chairman or a president or a CEO of anything. He just delivered babies, just […]

Five Steps, Eleven Rules, Nineteen Habits

by Todd Parnell

My generation, despite our roots in the turbulent 60’s and 70’s seems to have this innate need for structure and order. Don’t ask me why. Maybe we’re still rebelling – just against our inner instincts! A few have made a lot of money talking and writing about the things one needs to do to be […]

On the Circuit – ARVEST Bank

by Todd Parnell

I recently had the pleasure of presenting Life is a River at ARVEST Bank’s Sales Awards Banquet in Springfield, Missouri. I am humbled by the feedback from ARVEST Bank President, Brad Crain. Insightful and thought provoking presentation that challenges leaders regardless of experience level. Utilizing personal stories and his passion for the outdoors provides a […]

Everyone Is A Leader, Each In Our Own Way

by Todd Parnell

Marcia Cooper is a hero to me. She has been since the day I met her as interim President of Drury University. Marcia Cooper is also a leader. I first met Marcia in July, 2007, under very difficult circumstances. On her death bed. Marcia had gone back to school after working in industry most of […]

Who Is A Leader?

by Todd Parnell
Leadership qualities

So, who is a leader? Avery Lynn or Carver Benjamin? They are twins born on October 30, 2015, forty five minutes apart. True confession. They are my precious grand babies and I have been watching them closely tonight. These babies almost emerged at thirty weeks and less than three pounds of weight each when labor […]